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The AWS Practical

The AWS Practical Solutions

EWS has broad experience in implementing AWS Practical Solutions for a variety of clients and is ready to do the same for you. We think of a practical solution as one that solves a hard-hitting problem effectively at a low cost. Take a look at some of the practical solutions we work with everyday. Utilizing the Cloud for Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Warehousing.

EWS has helped customers solve Business Intelligence problems by using some of the AWS services such as Amazon’s RDS and Redshift, and by using partner tools and solutions such as Amazon’s Data Pipeline.

With these resources, we can help implement cost effective integration, data warehouses, business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Your organization will be working with experts who are responsible for developing and implementing some of the largest business intelligence products in the industry.

Examples of Practical Solutions

Setting a Disaster Recovery in Cloud

Microsoft Technologies on AWS

Cost Optimization & Pay for what you use

Big Data

Operational Optimization

Setting a Disaster Recovery in Cloud

Protecting your data from localized risks like fire, flood or worse human error is a must for business continuity. Before the cloud, Disaster Recovery was an expensive proposition. With the elasticity of AWS, and the surrounding ecosystem of tools, you can achieve low TCO and TPO very cost effectively. AWS provides a few types of options to implement DR, and we can help your organization pick the right solution and we can also simulate the DR. With this non-traditional DR approach, planning, execution and validation of a DR site becomes something like a monthly schedule while traditionally it would take a complete team to be moved to offsite affecting the business continuity of the organization.
EWS can:

  • Help you design, implement and maintain a comprehensive and efficient disaster recovery solution on top of AWS extensive platform
  • Provide you with the right experienced resources for planning, testing and deployment
  • Help you achieve elasticity via AWS cloud to have your entire environment ready to be spun up, while only paying a minimal amount compared to doubling the cost for a replica environment sitting idle in another data center
  • Help you take advantage the AWS to create a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

We also design automated processes with continuous support in place to make sure you have the capability to continue operating your business after a disaster.

Microsoft Technologies on AWS

We can help you move your Microsoft Applications and Servers on AWS, such as:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Remote Gateway
  • Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server (via Amazon RDS)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server

Cost Optimization & Pay for what you use

AWS is extremely powerful, however the pay as you go model needs to be carefully managed – the responsibility for switching on and off services and managing costs falls on your shoulders.

Making the cloud journey with EWS as dedicated and trusted adviser is much easier because/since:

  • Your organization’s connectivity, storage, computation, database and security needs are dynamic
  • You’ll have to use multiple products and services to meet those needs
  • If you want to evaluate new products or solutions, it would require hardware procurement, extensive planning and resource allocation
  • With the Agility required for today’s businesses it becomes sometimes very impractical to spend time and money on something that you don’t know that you will even use

EWS knows exactly how to take advantage of AWS services and solutions for the most cost effective and efficient use of resources.Along with tagging and reporting, we review cost optimization solutions and consider your capacity needs.

We can then help you integrate evaluation application or any pay-as-use-application and establish connectivity either with your local databases or in the cloud. The end result is you can spend more time focusing on your business processes and less time on your IT needs.

Big Data

Some of the major challenges with the Big Data solutions today are around infrastructure provisioning, cluster management, data durability, performance, configuration management and monitoring. This is true if you’re going down the map-reduce route with Hadoop or its variants, or trying to implement data lakes and warehouses and build data pipelines for bringing all the data under centralized control for reporting and analytics or implementing an ingestion mechanism that processes streams of data and alerts you or gives you insights in real time.

We have BIG expertise with Big Data:

  • We focus on those challenges that take away your focus from implementing your query, analytics, data integration and processing logic and help you design, automate and operate your big data solution on AWS
  • We are experienced in architecting solutions around data workflows, recommending the right products and services to make your data both meaningful and manageable. All with the required availability and security in place

How we can help your business:

  • We’ll help you navigate services such as RDS, Elastic MapReduce, Data Pipeline, Kinesis, DynamoDB, and Redshift as well as Hadoop and other SQL or NoSQL databases.
  • We can implement third party tools for deploying, integrating and managing your solution.

Operational Optimization

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by looking at all the services provided by Amazon Web Services, choosing the right services and building the best architecture. There is so much to understand and manage, it can be intimidating.

  • As an experienced AWS partner that has successfully implemented many customer deployments in the cloud, we focus on understanding your requirements, even at the source code level, and then apply the most appropriate resources for your customized infrastructure
  • We run and operate many of our customers environments and know what it takes to run a streamlined effective operation on AWS
  • Our goal is to utilize your knowledge of the application with our knowledge of AWS services to optimize performance and keep costs down

How EWS can help your business:

  • We provide you with specific information about the cost of migrating to AWS services and products
  • We’ll build cost models to help you understand how your budget is being spent, and why it would make sense to invest in certain services and products, and not others
  • AWS pricing can be complex and we help ensure that the costs are kept under control and you are taking advantage of the best available pricing options