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Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud that is. SMAC is an enterprise IT model that builds stronger connections with customers while maximizing the value of your overhead spending. Powerful and profitable analytics depend on the strength of your data warehousing capabilities- and EWS is a specialist in custom data management and analysis software. We’ve helped companies big and small harness their data resources more effectively and see enormous returns.

By investing in a shift to SMAC, your company can harness our expertise to analyze your current data situation, define your company’s data goals, determine possible solutions, implement them and provide business intelligence and insights so you can make smarter business decisions. We’re proud of our unique ability to translate our clients’ business perspectives and deliver custom solutions with increased efficiency through quicker, cheaper and better business functions.


AWS Consulting Partner

Hadoop, Tableau, Redshift, DynamoDB, S3, Glacier

Oracle, SQL, MySQL, noSQL – No Problem


of businesses are using social media for business objectives and to increase ROI this year.


of enterprises cited improved productivity as a driving factor in adoption of smart mobile devices.


of executives at large enterprises said they are working to increase their company’s use of analytics.


of businesses are completely satisfied with their cloud based services and planning to increase their usage in 2015.