EWSystems INC

Government Solutions
SBA 8(A) Certified MBE

Government Solutions

EWS is a SBA Certified Minority Business Enterprise. Working with a SBA 8a Certified organization will give your agency access to set aside funds as mandated by Federal Government.

Our expertise in Software Development using a proven and reliable methodology will help your.

For our Federal, State and Local Government clients, we are offering solutions and services that are geared towards brining your IT to the modern age. Whether it’s legacy application migration or modernization, we have the best possible solution and some great references of our Team’s previous work.

Being an 8a, EWS can get exclusive access to sole source/non-competitive and competitive set-aside federal contracts. Sole source/non-competitive contracts will be available to your business concern for federal contracts with a total value up to $4 million for services and up to $6.5 million for manufacturing. Federal contracts for 8a Certified firms that have a total contract value of more than $4 million for services and more than $6.5 million for manufacturing must be competed but only against other 8a Certified firms.