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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure will give your Windows Infrastructure a competitive edge and will accelerate your business moving forward without breaking the wallet. Azure helps you bring products and services to market quickly. You can run your operations more cost-effectively, paying only for what you use. This allows you to to allocate resources on other business needs by eliminating the cost of infrastructure hardware.

This modern approach will help the cloud platform and will enable you to offer the features:

  • A 99.95% monthly SLA
  • Enterprise-level security used by many of the world’s largest organizations today
  • The ability to use any language, framework, or tool to build applications
  • Scale to required servers and storage
  • Azure Active Directory for centralized identity and access management
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by developing and testing on scalable Azure platform
  • Utilize distribution of media for a high-performance access to global data center locations
  • Learn more about Microsoft Regions
  • Virtual networking support and hybrid connections to on-premises databases

Enterprise-grade web apps with geo-distributed fault tolerance and high throughput


What can Azure do for you ?

Microsoft Azure for Data & Storage

Microsoft Azure Benefits

Microsoft Azure Features

Big Data on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure for Data & Storage

Microsoft allows developers to use Azure for Data and Storage. Organization can use this for SQL Database, Caching, NoSQL Database, Data Warehousing and Search. We can look at your specific Database needs and design a customized solution for your business. Get in touch with us and we will be able to provide you a customized quote for your business need. The following services can be provided using Microsoft Azure’s Data & Storage.

  • No-SQL document databases as simple, fast, elastic solutions to store and process data
  • Extensive query and indexing capabilities to allow content-based search in documents
  • Configurable and scalable cloud-based and hybrid SQL databases with easy monitoring
  • Backup vaults in the geographic region of one’s choice with encrypted data transmission
  • Highly efficient, location independent disaster recovery
  • Disaster recovery testing without disrupting normal daily operations
  • Instant recovery downloads only the data needed by applications for fast RTOs (recovery time objectives)

Microsoft Azure Benefits

  • Scale with your needs
  • Immediate savings
  • Years of best practices
  • Broad engineering expertise
  • On-going management to help get the most value
  • Flat fee pricing structure

Microsoft Azure Features

  • 0-downtime migrations
  • Windows and Linux expertise
  • Ongoing managed services
  • Scale quickly
  • Automation and DevOps support
  • Consulting and best practices
  • Cost effective