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    Employment based Green Card processing

    We have an excellent track record with sponsoring Green Cards under employment based category. We helped several employees in realizing their dreams of becoming Permanent Residents of United States. Even while you are still working for other employers, before you could accept our employment, we will be able to initiate your Green card sponsorship on future employment basis, as long as you are qualified and are able to accept our employment at a later point of time during the Green Card sponsorship process.

    Here is how the process works:

    We will file your labor petition under PERM; and you will have an option to join us later, after receiving your Labor Certification.

    After receiving your labor certification, and after you accept our employment, we will file your I140 Immigrant Petition.

    When your priority dates become current, we shall file your I-485 petitions, for you and your family, which will complete your Green Card sponsorship process.

    Visa Details

    Please provide the following details, such as H-1B expiration date, Green Card process stage.

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